The Caribbean's hidden gem

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Each excursion is specifically tailored to compliment your party's interests. 

Duration: 3 Hours


1 guest $100 per person

2-6 guests $85 per person

7+ guests $75 per person

No charge for children ages 4 and younger, 50% off for children 5-12 and seniors 55+ and military with proof of service

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Note: There is hiking involved in this excursion so be sure to wear sturdy shoes.

Duration: 3.5 hours


1 guest $250 per person 

2-5 guests $150 per person 

6+ guests $140 per person 

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The Caribbean’s best kept secret

The #1 Vieques Tours and main reason people visit is the Bioluminescent Bay. So much focus on the Biobay experience leaves much of this island's beauty unseen and many miss out on the best Vieques tours. We want to take you away from run of the mill Vieques tourism. We’ll take you on a walk to a private, uncrowded beach for a refreshing snorkel tour, hop on our boat and ride to secluded, otherwise inaccessible, white-sand beaches, we even want to take you above it all and to enjoy the bliss and tranquility of the island from a view so few have seen before you. We want to show you the parts of Vieques so many miss and in the meantime make sure you get the vacation you deserve. Our passionate, certified guides take you on a private tour and ensure you get the most out of your time here on the island in a safe and secure manner. Come with us and make your Vieques vacation an unforgettable one!

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