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On this private excursion we make our way through a hidden path across several bewildering micro-habitats and emerge at the semi-secluded white sand beach named Playuela. We then continue our journey beyond this beautiful beach to a secret path that not too many know about. This path lets out at a gorgeous, tiny secluded beach named Corcho. From here we embark on an amazing snorkeling excursion beyond sea grass plains, through a sea fan forest to an amazing section with shallow, underwater caves teeming with beautifully colored reef fish. We might even encounter another pod of dolphins! Once back on shore we’ll have a re-energizing meal and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere on the beach before heading back. 

Note: There is hiking involved in this excursion so be sure to wear sturdy shoes.

Duration: 3.5 hours


1 guest $250 per person 

2-5 guests $150 per person 

6+ guests $140 per person 

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We take you on a private sea turtle watching snorkeling excursion at Mosquito Pier. We’ll drive about a mile out to sea on a man made platform built by the US NAVY while they were based on Vieques. The pier at the end of the road is our destination. The pillars that hold the pier up are covered in algae which is an abundant food supply for the various sea turtles that congregate here. The sea turtles in the area are protected wild animals that come and go as they please. Touching the turtles is prohibited by federal law, please don’t try to touch the turtles.

Duration: 2 hours


1 guest $100 per person 

2-5 guests $90 per person 

6+ guests $80

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Punta Arenas is the northwestern most point on the island, it’s where the Atlantic and the carib meet, and the closest to the main island Puerto Rico. This is the part of the island manatees frequent most, dolphin pods have been frequently spotted here, and it’s not uncommon to come across a sea turtle or two. This is one of the Best snorkeling spots on the island which is why we want to share it with you. Even if the big guys don’t make an appearance, you’ll still enjoy all the other sea life in the area. At times you’ll even feel like you’re in a fish tank surrounded by hundreds of tiny colorful fish!

Duration: 2.5 hours 


1 guest $120 per person 

2-5 guests $100 per person 

6+ guests $90 per person 



Q: Where should I stay?

A: Check if Joe and Maria have space at The Vieques Tropical Guesthouse.

Q: When we go snorkeling, will I get wet?

A: Yes, you’ll be in the water.

Q: Is gear provided?

A: Yes, when you book be sure to let us know what size shoes you wear and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: Should I wear protective gear?

A: You will be face down for an extended amount of time with your back exposed to the sun so, in addition to sunscreen, we suggest wearing a shirt to protect yourself from getting sun burned.

Q: What altitude will we be at?

A: Sea level... 0.

Q: If I get stung by a jellyfish, will I have to get peed on?

A: We don’t have deadly jellyfish or Medusas in this region so there’s no need to fear. Jellyfish are seasonal and sometimes we do encounter them. If you do happen to get stung by one you will experience severe itching in a localized area. But we will have vinegar on hand to help neutralize the jellyfish’s sting.

Q: Will I see a turtle?

A: Wild animals are unpredictable, we cannot guarantee 100% that you will see any of the animals described above. However, we can take you to the places they frequent which means you will be most likely to come across them.